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March 25, 2016


Oh wow! That's a sizeable fire. I haven't heard anything in the news about it which I find surprising, especially given the threat, some destruction, to life and property. I hope it gets under control soon.

Have some of our rain. Please!

Smoke pollution is the worst. Hope it is not affecting you too badly.
A firebug has been setting brushfires on the other side of the island, and when the wind comes from that direction it can be unpleasant in Hilo. Today there is a lighting-set fire, and a mixture of rain and smoke are bothering us now. This a.m. was bad with volcanic emission pollution, what we call vog.
Most of the time the air is good here in Hawaii, but we do get these things. And where I come from originally, in California, wildfires are common. In the old days, though, they were only in the fall; now they seem to be any time of the year.

Joared--I agree on the size. I've seen lots of range fires (deliberately set) cloud over the Interstates so that everyone pulls off onto the shoulder for a while, and I've been involved (as a volunteer) in wildfires in Kansas and California, but this one really had me concerned for a few hours.

Stu--I'll take it!

Hattie--No, fortunately, smoke and smog don't bother my lungs. I hate the smell, but have no health issues. Most of our fires are started either deliberately to burn off prairie or by carelessness, as in throwing lit cigarette butts out of vehicle windows. I've not yet heard anything about a cause on this one. With winds what they've been, it would not have taken much!

I have been watching it on the news and via FB (Ex-SIL there in your town has posted some stuff). Hope you get rain and calm winds to help get it under control.

Bogie--Your Ex-SIL does better at keeping you posted than do I, thankfully! The winds did die down, somewhat, yesterday and they calmed overnight. I don't know if they received snow down where the fires have been burning.

Hattie--I worked the wild fires in California in October 2007. Of course, I only saw the fires from the air. My duty stations were in Oakland (for a few hours) and Pasadena.

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