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March 05, 2016


Also helps when you have a spotter back there ;)

Bogie--So true - if the spotter is in sight. When I took my road test in an emergency vehicle, I couldn't see the spotter because of the sun glare (pre-cataract surgery). The spotter was inside the warehouse, in deep shade. I had trouble being a spotter because the hand-signals used with aircraft were so ingrained that I couldn't recall the difference. Oh, well. The driver did not run over me.

I recall after I learned to drive and park, delighting at any opportunity to back-up in the car. Parallel parking in one move after pulling up to the correct length of the forward car and making certain the parking space was adequate were essential as parked cars often had impinged on the vacant parking space. I've long since lost much of my enthusiasm for those activities but encounter few opportunities to keep my parallel parking skills fresh. I've never had to park larger vehicles like an emergency vehicle, much less this pictured semi-truck, but marvel at their skills.

I recall twin sons of neighbor friends preparing for taking their first driving test. They asked me what might would be especially important to know for the actual driving part. I told them parallel parking. They set up obstacles along the curb in front of their house and spent considerable time practicing parallel parking. Following their test, which they both passed, they reported not being asked to parallel park.

Alternatively :-

That is pretty amazing that he is able to put it in such a narrow doorway. Back up cameras certainly help with parking nowadays. I used to be excellent at parelllel parking on the left or right side of a one way street. Now it scares the heck out of me as I rarely need to do it any more. I will walk extra to avoid parking near people if I can.

Thanks a lot spell check. My rapid typing slipped past on parallel some how.

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