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March 02, 2016


Funny foto!

That is funny. I noticed that a few years ago that with the Internet, we are going back to dumb terminal type system. Everything old is new again.

Well, it's an issue of data transport costs and transfer times. Big date ARE ("data" is a plural noun) a central resource because many may want to access them. Since tera/peta-bytes of big data would be slow & costly to transport using our existing technology, we position the processing programs adjacent to the data (aka in the cloud) and only transfer the results of our analyses to the users' devices. This is usually done as an HTML or XML files which is interpreted by the limited(?) processing power of the users' terminal devices.

Some of us are capable of writing analysis programs which run on our local devices, but that does not apply to many. My breakeven point for transfers is about a gigabyte, but then I have a flat rate.

Mostly people use the internet just to look at pictures of little pussies (either interpretation is valid ;-) ) so the limited and interpretive power of the local browser suffices to access these sub-megabyte data blobs. No other local processing is done.

Joared--I thought so, too!

Ingineer--My thought, exactly.

Stu--Thanks for the tutorial. As you note, most of us do not write our own analysis programs anymore. In most cases, I would agree with your statement on "data". However, in this case, "Big Data" has become a compound noun - similarly to the case of "Big Pharma". Thus, in the USA, "Big Data" calls for a singular verb (and a singular possessive pronoun "It's"). Please see Wikipedia.

That so? It may be US versus UK usage? I insist data ARE!!! (pet peeve #73)
After all you guys say "math"(singular) and we say "maths"(plural).

Stu--Yes, we say "math" but we talk about "mathematics" - which we also treat as singular. Go figure!

Go figure? The figure is 73, Sheldon's favourite number.
Think of any two-digit number (e.g. 42) without telling me what it is.
Write it down four times behind one another, thus 42424242.
I guarantee that this 8-digit number is divisible by 73.
How's that, Sheldon? Go figure!

Are the media is or is the media are?

Stu--I can guarantee you that any number is divisible by 73...Oh! You meant, without a remainder?
; )

Hattie--Media are - as in, "The media are prone to exaggerate crises."

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