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February 21, 2016


MvS is a right write-rite wright :-)


Bravo. Although our local newscasters would make me happy if they would just pronounce common words correctly. Using arithmetic terms correctly in speech is probably asking too much.

I once was asked to type a manuscript for the book's author who was taking television broadcasters to task for tacking "wise" on to words -- weather-wise, news-wise -- and as the author said, wise-wise, he found this very annoying. His book was never published and he is now deceased.

Ingineer--Undoubtedly, you are correct.

Joared--Otherwise, how did you like working with the author? (Couldn't resist!)

Well, I have the math brain of a chicken, so I'm just confused by all this.

Marilyn has been in the Parade forever - or at least from when I first started getting the Sunday paper in the 80's (I no longer bother with it). I always read her column and was saddened that thru the years they gave her less and less space. Early on she had room for several questions/answers. Then they cut her space so that it was usually only one - if a column ran at all that week.

Hattie--I'll accept your confusion with mathematical lingo if you'll forgive my lack of understanding of most things artistic. *smiling*

Bogie--Your dad really enjoys her Numbrix puzzles. Not being a game person, I ignore them.

Cop Car -- As for working with the author -- he was actually a standup comedian, radio broadcaster, TV talk show host, TV/movie actor, occasional college instructor-- but words such as 'otherwise' or 'likewise' which were more commonly in use were acceptable to him. A topic to gain media attention of the people using 'weather-wise' who might talk about it on air would be good free advt I suppose, though he didn't say that. I think he was just trying to juice up some controversy to garner attention as constantly promoting himself was part of his professional survival mechanism.

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