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February 14, 2016


Those earthquakes are the precursor to the Yellowstone super-volcano erupting and causing a mass extinction. 😃😂

My husband was telling me he wondered about how we could detect gravity waves. I told him it was obvious. What did he think was holding him on the surface of the earth??
Anyway, ingineer, like many people, does not believe that there is any correlation between one thing and another thing, so you might as well make up your own facts.

"What did he think was holding him on the surface of the earth??"

Van der Waals force stops him sinking below the surface of solids, surely?

Hattie, you take me too seriously. It was a joke.

Ingineer--You are wicked!

Hattie--Are you saying that your husband doesn't believe there is a correlation or that Ingineer doesn't? I'm confused!

Stu--Geckos love van der Waals. (You are making me relive undergraduate school.)

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