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January 30, 2016


Sounds like a fun trip. I would like to see the Sunshine Skyway bridge some day as I have followed its history over the years in Civil Engineering magazine. And glad to hear that you are not rabid. I hear the shots are kind of painful.

You saw some interesting birds. I can only imagine how many more you might have spotted had the weather been more cooperative. I've paid attention to birds wherever I've been, but never got into formal birding or recording the ones I've seen. I suppose its never too late to start.

Wonderful you had that time with your brother and wish I could have shared more time with mine in Hawaii in his later years.

Ingineer--Enlighten me, oh learned one.

Joared--Elder Brother and I are getting no younger. I'm the only close relative he has left! (He'll be 80 in March. Assuming he makes it, he'll be the first one in a few generations.)

One of the old bridges was hit by a ship and collapsed. And the new one is a pretty bridge.

Part of my comment didn't get in. The previous collision is why there are such large concrete Dolphins around the piers on the bridge.

Thanks for the info, Ingineer. I had no idea!

Sounds like you guys had a great time!

I have treasured the few times that I haven't been patted down, wanded and/or my carry on hasn't been rummaged thru :)

Bogie--We did have a good time (or, at least, I did!)

It is always at the Wichita airport where I meet any resistance that I get. They did find and confiscate a small pen knife (that I had, unawares, carried on several previous flight - in a pouch with my flash drives) and they've measured my scissor blades twice, over the years. Well...once in Chicago I had a hard time getting through the metal detector. Eventually, we figured out it was the case to my passport that was setting off the alarm. Of course! If it blocks RFI....

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