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December 19, 2015


Sorry to hear about your knee. Last year I injured my shoulder while water skiing. Once it got so that I couldn't sleep, I went to the doctor. After a few visits and an MRI, I discovered that I had 4 tears and at some point in my life it was apparently pulled out of the socket. I went with the cortisone shot and so far no surgery, but it is probably in my future. Now my left shoulder is having pain and I do not know why. It is getting to the point that it is waking me up so I guess I need to start the doctor, X-ray, referral, specialist, MRI, surgeon process again.

Ingineer--Yes, being unable to find a position in which one is pain-free enough to sleep is the big issue in joint problems. Other than sleeping, it seems that getting into/out of vehicles and driving are hard on the major joints - producing copious pain.

Water skiing is something that I only did long enough (in two sessions) to learn to get through the wake somewhat gracefully. I can see how your shoulder may have taken a beating if you were doing something serious on skis. I can empathize with your pain since, as you may recall I took a huge tumble while ice skating last February. It took me six months to work through that, without involving the medical care professionals.

It seems that every several months or few years, some major joint has to evince pain; but, other than an x-ray of my right knee in the 1970s (supposedly showed arthritis), I've never had medical care. Even when my right shoulder froze up on me in the 1980s, I worked on it for a couple of years to get it straightened out - sans medical care. Mostly, I must be patient and work through whatever.

OMG! Are we devolving into a listing of our aches and pains and injuries. *laughing* I hope that when you get to your "later years", you will have been able to avoid further injuries!

LOL. I have noticed that sometimes when I get together with friends, we discuss various ailments and procedures. I guess it is some sort of a rite of passage and at least we are all living long enough to be able to discuss them. Unlike my grand-father's generation when you just dropped dead or were killed in a work related accident.

Ingineer--I'm happy to read that later generations in your family have not died suddenly. Super! I can't say the same for mine.

Three of my siblings have died suddenly*, and three of my sibling-in-laws have died suddenly - or, at least, before having had time to complain about aches and pains. However, with only five of my generation living, I take it as my duty to grump around about my own aches and pains - enough to make up for those who aren't around to develop them!

* Technically, four have died suddenly; but, as you may recall reading here, Elder Brother was brought back from what the doctors termed "a fatal cardiac event" three months ago, and I happily count him in the "living" column.

That is funny, I can always get audio but go thru weeks where I can't get the video portions to show. Then suddenly, the video will be visible until the next time it goes out. Maybe it is Flash and I should try your solution since I have been going thru the "no video" phase for about a week now.

Thanks for posting the video of Aunt Helen. She always makes me smile!

Bogie--Please do let me know if uninstalling Flash helps you in any way. I had thought that your aunt might have posted the video to FB. You are welcome! (The guy acts like a complete idiot - so sayeth your dad!)

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