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December 26, 2015


The cheapest gas in town here is $2.21. Place near my house is $2.36.

You have cheap gas in the USA !!!
We must pay 1.22 Euros per liter here in Germany for 95 octane.
That's 1.34 USD/liter, or 5 USdollars per US gallon :-(

Mind you 88% of that is in taxes; the untaxed price would only be 14.6 Eurocents/liter :-(
I can remember when the gas (100LL) for my airplane was untaxed; did a LOT of flying back then :-)

Ingineer--Yes, we live amidst much fracking - and have the earthquakes to show for it.

Stu--It pains me that we haven't been/don't tax hydrocarbons more heavily. Now, during historically low prices would be the time to drastically increase that taxation; but, here in Kansas, people whine about the taxes on gasoline as it is!

Gas prices are rising rapidly in Calif. now $2.67 is cheapest.
Stu, I wish we could get 95. Here 91 is the highest available but most is only 87 octane. During the oil price spike we were paying $5.25 per gallon here in California.

Both the Feds and many states are looking at raising gas taxes right now. We are also looking at a per mile tax since hybrid and all electric cars pay little to no gas tax. Fuel economy is way up so consumption is down and with inflation the purchasing power of that tax is much less than when the last time it was increased in 1992.

we used to have 91 octane (called Normal) here too, until the government insisted that
gas with 10% (instead of just 5%) alcohol MUST be offered. Turns out almost no-one uses the 10% alcohol gas, because on older cars it rots the carbs, seals and piping :-(

Gas stations thus now offer the 10% (by law), 95 octane and 98 octane as well as Diesel.
Some even offer Natural Gas and/or 104 octane (way too expensive). Only 14 in the whole country offer hydrogen and fast-loading slots for electric cars are few and far between (the plugs aren't standardised either) :-(

In former Eastern Block countries, I had problems getting even 95 octane which my bike needs, so had to keep the revs down when using 91 or 87 octane :-(
Otherwise most EU countries have 95 octane, even if not everywhere.

Sometimes we can get 93 octane, but it is mostly 91 for premium. It is very hard to find non-ethanol mixed gas (at 10%) in NH. Only a couple stations carry them and those are usually around marinas and snowmobile trails. Wish I could get the e-free gas just to see if it affects mpg (I read that ethanol reduces mpg somewhere).

We are right at $2 for the lowest grade, which fortunately I am able to use in my vehicle. My emergency buy, used vehicle already costs me $80-100 more per month in gas even if all I do is drive to/from work (my previous car dropped its tranny and I basically had no choice as to what I bought-the only thing in my price range within walking distance). So, that is basically tacked onto my car payment (arrgh, didn't have one of those before). If it was back up at the $4+/gallon I shudder to think what my commute costs would be.

Bogie--Let's hope you can get the Ford paid off before prices rise and, maybe, replace it with something that is more economical to run. ; )

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