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December 11, 2015


You haven't sprung for the widescreen monitor yet?

Hunky Husband has one; but, from using his, I get no urge to own one. This one does just great!

P.S. There are two monitors on my desk at the office - in addition to the one embedded in the laptop that I use. The monitor that I use, by preference, is about the same size as this one (17" on diagonal). To each her/his own!

Whatever works for you is the correct one. I have double 23 inch monitors at work and Friday they started flashing so I had to switch to the laptop small screen. It is tough to work when you are trying to compare things on two different documents when you can't have them open at the same time. First world problems eh? :-)

Neat optimisation that the trash can is directly below the printer output! I must do that too ;-)

Ingineer--I used huge screens for NASTRAN modeling; but, those were Sun Workstations and I was using the mainframe computer. With Windows, I've no problem comparing two documents on the same or different screens.

Stu--Efficiency is to be prized! Actually, that is the recycle bin that was so well positioned - and - it has been moved to the other side of my desk chair. The later position gives me easy access for dumping junk mail since I sort my mail sitting in my recliner. Also, in the earlier position, the recycle bin was between me and the door. I trip enough without making it easy to do!

Look at all those cords! Bane of my life. I have to crawl under my computer desk with a flashlight to plug and re-plug things in.
I couldn't get along without my wide screen monitor and second monitor, when I have to do the newsletter for our League of Women Voters.

Hattie--The nice thing about all of the electrical power cords is that they plug into the power bar on the lowest of the three shelves to the left of my chair. We'll see how big a pain-in-the-neck the USB cords are, after I've spent a few months in this configuration. In the "before" configuration, the backs of the equipment were not up against a wall, so it was simple.

I did a newsletter for the physics department a few years ago and had no problem with using one monitor (although, since it was pre-cataract surgery, I think a larger monitor would have been good - at that time); but, if I ever feel the need, I do have another monitor that I could use. (It is used with my basement computer.)

Nice to see others' blogging environments.
The HNF here (world's biggest computer museum) will be running a course next year entitled "How to blog". Interesting, I thought, but the fine print shows it is just a "Wordpress" course. Has noone ever told them that the main problem is generating content regularly? I shall drop them a sarcastic note ;-)

I'll bet that really opens up the space!

Cords - I hate cords. So glad I have a wireless printer, mouse and keyboard. I used to get the keyboard cord wrapped around my legs (have no idea how, but always happened). And with the tower in its own, dedicated compartment below the desk, all the other cords are back out of the way and out of sight. Except the external hard drive backup I use. That is behind the printer stand, and has the USB cord snaking over to the tower. However, That is the side where the door to the attic access is - so I am never trying to get to that side.

Stu--You, sarcastic? *rolling my eyes* I cannot imagine!

Bogie--Sounds like you have settled on a reasonable configuration without going all berzerkers over the whole deal. I use a cordless keyboard at the office, with which I am not in love. Not sure why but it is wonky - much like a touchpad. (I think I must have sneak circuits running all over my body!) Cordless mice, I like - but I think the mouse at the office is corded. (You would think that I would know for sure, wouldn't you?)

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