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December 04, 2015


My favorite is knock knock, because my doctor's name is Dr. Hu. And it's true about engineers getting excited around boring things. They can be quite entertaining on other matters and sometimes even tell jokes.

PI is irrational.
Like me!

Some good ones in there. The engineers are not boring one is my favorite though and the root of all evil is pretty good too. And I have a wife and daughter that fit the grammar ones.

Hattie--Boring, like beauty, is in the mind of the beholder!

Stu--I wasn't sure that the shirt didn't contain an error since I've been called both irrational and irritating.
; )

Ingineer--You left me the perfect opening to add that, you have a wife and daughter who fit the grammar ones. Yikes! You poor man! I'll bet my Hunky Husband is glad that his wife isn't that irrational.

Yes, you made me laugh out loud on that one. My favorite is getting corrected when I tell the dog to lay down.

Ingineer--Don't quote me on this; but, as I recall, in 3rd or 4th grade (1946-1947) I was taught that people lie down, but things (and I think animals) lay there. Who knows? You certainly would not draw a correction from me on that one! English is pretty nonsensical much of the time. And...it keeps changing as newer generations add their own takes on syntax. (I've heard that some people are against syntaxes. *Groaning over such an oldie*)

Definition of the day :

Church collection : syntax ;-)

Which reminds me : I have to count my 2015 sins during advent...
There's a blogpost in there somewhere...

Maybe I got it backwards. My grammar cop is in Salina this week and therefore probably asleep at the moment.

Stu--*laughing* My own are uncountable!

Ingineer--Salina (as in Kansas) or Salinas (as in California) or none-of-the-above? I assume that you know that "Salina" in Kansas is pronounced with a long "i" as opposed to the Latin pronunciation of the "i" in Salinas? Of course, Salina KS is in Saline County - which is pronounced with the Latin "i".

For those who took no Latin (and who probably really don't care): Latin "i" is pronounced as a long "e" would be pronounced in English.

Yes she was in Kansas. After her first trip there while it was -9 degrees last winter she has been there about once a month. She says because the dog is not an object it lies down under its own power and you lay down a blanket or other inanimate object.

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