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September 06, 2015


Unless you are talking about the android from Next Generation, he is Data with a long a sound and singular.

Bad, Ingineer, bad!

Now I know why "data is" seems to be more correct to me (I can never remember if it is plural or not either) - I consider data as "information". That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

Bogie--I don't recall your having taken Latin, either - another great excuse. There is no excuse for people like your dad and me who did take Latin in high school (long before we met). I don't even know in which state your dad was living when he took Latin. His freshman year, he lived in Granite City IL; but, moved to St Louis MO for his sophomore and following years of school - including one year in St Louis School of Pharmacy and one year at Washington University before he transferred down to MSM.


This makes me laugh. Me, I don't have a data point to my name.

Now if you had to decide based only (single datum point) on the conditional
"if the date were...." ?????

Mage - Thanks.

Hattie - If you had one, in my book it would be "a datum point". *laughing*

Stu - Is that a typo? I am (again!) perplexed?

Shit : "If the data were..." , of course

Stu, the Erudite--Makes more sense, thank you! At any rate, the use of were in the past subjunctive is a special case, as you well know, indicating that the "If statement" cannot be/is extremely unlikely to be true.

This also might interest you ...



Stu--Of the four examples of common mistakes Feloni cautions us to "look out for", none is among the most common mistakes that I have observed. Go figure! However, his, "Since there is no definitive body governing the rules of the English language like there is for the..." makes me shudder. "Like"? Ugh!

Tip : Now you know why he is called "Feloni" ;-)

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