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September 02, 2015


When I read the Martian Chronicles I think I was too young to really understand most of what was going on, but the mini-series on TV helped explain some of it to me. I never went back and read it again.

I thought Bradbury was a square, as we used to say. To think of him as being branded subversive is just too funny!

Ingineer--Interesting! Even I was young when I first read Martian Chronicles; but, not so young that I did not understand it - high school age in the early 1950s. I did not see the mini-series - didn't own a TV in those days. I've read the book so many times I've lost count and I've owned so many copies that the same is true. I kept loaning them out and not getting them back, so, I would buy another - always in paperback.

Hattie--I'm not sure to whom one would compare Bradbury in awarding him the title of "square" - Jack Kerouac? However, yes, the McCarthyites branded Bradbury as being a Communist sympathizer.

I believe I was in 7th grade and the Mini series came out Freshman year.

I too read the Martian Chronicles at an early age (probably from your stash there in the den closet). I have a ragged copy that I have read many times. Never saw the mini-series. Heck, I'm so out of movies and (most) TV series both that I had no idea that it had ever been put on any screen. And, it may have come out when I didn't have TV either.

I ran into the book a couple of months ago while looking for another book (if I ever get this house done I won't have the excuse that nothing is where it should be - LOL). I remember thinking I needed to reread it - maybe I'll dig it out to see if I can figure out what the heck they had issues with.

Ingineer--You were young! (I was never that young - lol.) Well...you are probably way ahead of most of your generation in even recognizing Bradbury's name; so, take a bow.

Bogie--Yes, I'm sure that you read one copy or another from my stash. I can't think of a thing that would lead the McCarthyites to castigate Bradbury - think it was his public activities that caught people's attentions. I could be wrong on that, though. See what you think.

Fahrenheit 451 is another excellent Bradbury book.

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