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August 22, 2015


That plants look great and I really like the bay window.

Looks great! Pretty funny that I also have a Little Devil ninebark that I planted a couple of weeks ago. And, I had Coppertina at my previous house - almost picked one up when I got the Little Devil, but then I would have had to leave one of the roses I picked up at the same time). Obviously we both have great taste in plants :)

It will be stunning next summer when stuff has really gotten settled and starts blooming - and the birds will love them. Good of you to hold onto trees for the girls, I'll bet they will appreciate it.

Looks green there. I'm impressed that you know the names of all your plants.

Ingineer--Thank you. Hunky Husband didn't like the idea of bay windows and compromised by letting me put one in his bedroom. I did not ask him before having a small bay window put into the kitchen - lol! Now, we both wish we had also put a bay window in the living room. Something else HH wishes he had agreed with me on is having a back deck instead of the tiny deck/back porch on which I settled.

Bogie--The reason I have such great taste in plants is that I steal ideas from our younger daughter. You took the landscaping training, so I try to take advantage of your knowledge. Thanks for sharing. The only thing that hasn't worked out all that well for me is the creeping phlox that you sent me. A couple of clumps have died, the rest struggling - don't seem to care much for the conditions I've given them.

Hattie--Unlike the normal Augusts in this area, this August is green. We are ahead by something like 9 inches of rain for the year. We received 2" last week! When I buy plants, I stick the labels into a book that I keep on the house - with notes as to how many and where they were planted. Thus, I just take out the book to see what they are called. Obviously, I don't do a perfect job of it or I would know which variety of spirea is which.

Interesting that the creeping phlox that is left is struggling, especially if you are getting plenty of rain this year. IDK, maybe they don't like the heat.

Bogie--The phlox are not alone. I don't like the heat - lol!

P.S. Note that the timbers in the next-to-bottom photo look (to me, at least) much like your timbers. I took the ones in the photo out when the bugs had eaten too much of them. Termites? Dunno.

Those timbers do look much like mine. Mine are 3x5 and flat on two sides (for stacking). The timbers I got were pressure treated, which is supposed to discourage termites, ants and other bugs that like them. Staining / sealing also helps, although I probably won't stain any other than those right in front of the house.

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