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April 04, 2015


Ah, I love this! It's so much fun to get a personal look into the lives of my blogger friends!

A hoot, this one!! Thanks! and happy unbirthday today, Bogie!!

Thanks for sharing the flowers CC!

I'm not sure I could have influenced HH into country music. Although I did listen to it quite a bit when I was younger, by the time of your split, I was more into rock and pop.

I've been discovering country and pop music again since being on my own. While married, I gravitated more and more to rock and now that trend is reversing (although I still like the rock music I already have, and still hit rock stations to sample the new stuff).

Thank you for the BD wished Mary!

Hattie--You and I let it all hang out, don't we?

Mary--You're welcome!

Bogie--You're welcome! I guess I have to blame the wild women, then. *laughing* I do recall telling you and Dudette that I didn't care what kind of music you listened to - as long as I could not hear it. You two were always good about closing the door to your rooms when playing records or listening to the radio.

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