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April 23, 2015


I seem to be unique :-(
Snide remarks prohibited!

There are 34 of me. This is why I use Alice as my carryout name.

There are only 5 of them. even fewer than of you, Cop Car!

But you are not in the USA, Stu.....

We need to have a search for those in Europe!

Thank you! Although, if people start reading me, I might have to start posting more often.
There are/were 39 of me. A couple of them are professors and a couple were business executives. One of the executives has since begun a sentence in federal prison for misdealings so he's my designated "evil twin."
Appreciate your kind words!

There is no living person who has the combination of my first and last names, except me, of course, as far as I've been able to find out. That's one of the reasons why I use a pseudonym on my blog. I do use my real name on Facebook and Twitter. And (get ready for the big reveal) it's Marianna Scheffer. There are variant spellings, of course, that sound the same or almost the same. At one time it seemed that semi-anonymity was important-now not so much.

ccv, AFAIK there is ONE other Stuart Savory in Yurp.
He lives in England and owns a chauffeur-driven car company.

Stu--A David Stuart Savory died last August in the USA. ccv = c-bit code violation? crank case vent? ????? Is your middle initial E?
ME--I like your using Alice! I used to use "Webster" at restaurants because I felt that the VP to whom I reported should be of some use to me!
Harold--Your posting more frequently would be a good thing - for us readers!
Hattie--The spelling of your last name cuts it 'way down!

If I use the first name on my birth certificate (James) I get 5812. If I use Jim Rogers which is what I go by then it says 261 which sounds low.

For my previous married name, I was the only one; and apparently there are only 164 people in the US with that last name. That is funny, because I know at least 20% of them (I will admit though, that other spellings of the last name are a lot more common).

When I put in my maiden name, which is what I now use, I found there are 188 people with that name.

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