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January 11, 2015


Still cannot see a number in #5. After Stu's explanation, I can maybe see where an 84 might be possible, but not really. I am very secure in my sexuality though so I do not put much stock in the Russian evaluation.

I don't see any numbers in 5,but could be missing something.

It would seem that Stu is more imaginative than the rest of us - or has a very slight touch of "Colour Deficiency" (of course, it is possible that Ingineer, Hattie, and I are the ones with "Deficiency", but my money says not.)

I might mention that on one of the testing plates in the video, I could see two numbers and was not sure which they considered "normal" until the answer was displayed. Who knows how much effect our various monitor settings have on the accuracy of the evaluation? I note that the Ishihara Test comes with very explicit directions on how the test should be given - with printed testing plates. According to the instructions on evaluating our results, my colour vision is "normal" - which is what was concluded on my previously-mentioned testing in Seattle.

I'm guessing that, in fact, Stu's results would be evaluated as "normal".

That would be the ONLY time I've ever been evaluated as normal ;-)

The numbers on all but 5 are very obvious. I made out #5 but it's much less distinct. I think it has to do with the lighter yellowish color of the circles that compose the number.

Joared--You may have noted in the video that several of the testing plates do not contain numbers. Some contain squiggly lines while others contain no real pattern. I'm not sure why they throw those in; but, they do.

I missed 7, 8 and 13. I could not even guess a number in 14 & 15. I got very confused trying to follow any lines except the last one. However, I came up with 13 correct, so I am considered "normal".

I suspect my KC has a lot to do with my results (especially following a line - distortion of vision does not help). I also have known for a long time that my left eye sees colors that are muted compared to my right eye (my left eye also happens to be most affected by KC). My eyes get confused with "busy" settings and can't figure out where, or even how, to focus (CC - that is why I have such issues with your car dash).

But, I also consistently had issues with numbers that would give a red/green deficiency problems, which surprised me.

Bogie--Plates 14 & 15 are a couple of plates that I noted to my comment to Joared. They had no numbers. As I recall, only someone with red/green deficiency would see a number in either one. BTW: I am somewhat surprised that you did that well. Kudos!

Yes, it takes a while to become accustomed to the digital screens - especially since the displays can be changed in so many ways. When we get self-driving vehicles, we'll have time to figure out the displays. *laughing*

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