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January 14, 2015


This just seems silly to me. The expense of making the change and to such a long name is a waste. And why put National at the end. Reagan National sort of makes sense since it is DC, but there seems no need here other than to fill pockets for sign makers.
When they changed Sacramento Metro to Sac international it was just as silly. Changing all the signs cost money and they did not even have international flights. They said you could connect to international flights. But you can do that from every puddle jumper airport in the country.

The whole thing was pushed through by people who are still wet behind their ears - to help Wichita "re-brand" itself. OMG. Anyone who thinks that Wichita will ever become a destination city needs corrective surgery - to get their heads out of....I guess that I need to re-brand myself into a touchy-feely person!
; )

I just hope the airport abbreviation gets changed too.
Wichester Ike National = WIN :-)

Oh, super, Stu - that's all they need to do! *laughing* No, the identifiers (ICT, domestically; KICT, internationally) stay the same AFAIK and has been announced. (I trust you got caught by auto-complete, getting from Wichita to Wichester.)

P.S. When I worked at Tyndall AFB, FL (1981-1983) the local airport was Panama City-Bay County Airport. Its identifier was PFN. PFN had survived from earlier days when the airport had been Fannin Field, named after a mayor of Panama City. I note that PFN has been decommissioned, along with the airport. The area has been served by the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) since 2010.

Damned auto-complete :-(

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