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October 18, 2014


And I got dumped in the horsetrough for being an obnoxious know-it-all ;-)

Haven't embarrassed me a bit - fun to read and see about things in your early life.

I should have known that you were tough enough to take it, Bogie. *laughing*

It is fun looking at old photos. And seeing that college life stays pretty much the same over the years. I walked around my Alma Mater a couple of months ago and the kids looked petty much the same as when I went to school. Some things never change. Except like you said there are more women now than when you attended.

That's amazing. Things certainly have changed!!!

Interesting: Ingineer writes, "Some things never change." while Hattie writes, "Things certainly have changed!!!" Both statements are undoubtedly true.

Modes of dress have certainly changed - especially for women. Women wore skirts in the 1950s. Neither men nor women wore shorts to school. It's really interesting to go on-campus for physics seminars and committee meetings these days - but - they are held at my 2nd campus (and HH's 4th!)

Stu--Just now retrieved your comment about being dunked in the horse trough. I need to do better!

A few days following the above-posted shoe incident, essentially the same bunch of guys (minus HH - he may already have gone home to St Louis) and I went for a picnic on the day when my last final (Scientific German) was scheduled. (Everyone else in the group had already finished their finals.)

I drank a little too much gin. The guys were kind enough to throw me in the river - ostensibly, to sober me up. (It wasn't all that effective.) I had no time to go to my apartment to change clothes, but one of the guys gave me a raincoat (translucent plastic) to wear over my soggy clothes to the final. I recall watching my hand writing my translation, and thinking that it was not my hand.

I did better on the final than in any of my previous Scientific German finals; but, I was surprised that Prof Schrag didn't pitch me out of class. (He just smiled. Perhaps he was remembering his own school days?)

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