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October 09, 2014


Heck, they even want 30 year olds to go in annually for a physical, even when they are perfectly healthy, weight is fine and none of the tests come up with any abnormalities. I have tried to humor them by going every 18 months or so (same with mammogram - although sometimes I go longer). I haven't had a colonoscopy although my doctor has begged me to since I turned 50. No thanks I will not torture myself for them. If I had a family history, I might think differently.

Guess I am a lot like my mother!

You can take a test that just uses a stool sample. I beg you to do this, at least. Colon cancer is very common and often shows up in people who have no known family history of it. I have had three colonoscopies, since it runs in my family, all negative so far. My husband had a colonoscopy about 15 years ago where a pre-malignant polyp was discovered. His father died of colon cancer at age 63. You would think he'd want to get another colonoscopy, especially since one of his cousins almost died of stage 3 colon cancer and the treatment was horrible. But no. He refuses to go to the doctor, period. I'm recruiting my daughter to get after him, because he will listen to her but not to me.
I am cutting back on the annual mammograms. Once every other year is plenty. And I have turned down bone scans, because I am sure my bones are fine. I have not lost any height although I'm 75, and that is unusual.
I need my beta blocker and warfarin, though.

Bogie--Yes, Dr G thinks I should see her every 6 months. Ridiculous! Well, I hope that our similarities don't cause you too much distress. *snickering*

Hattie--Different strokes for different folks and I do appreciate your concern.

Personally, I am tired, tired, tired of people our age obsessing over the state of their health. B-O-R-I-N-G ! We all gotta die of something, and who says we have to be treated for anything/everything? In my health care directive, I make it pretty clear that, if I won't or can't give a person permission to use CPR or intubate or otherwise invade my body - I don't want them to do it! It would be a waste of resources that could be better spent. I hope that, when I die, no one wrings their hands over what they (or someone else) should have done for/to me.

Life is a one-way street to death. I am over the idea that I have to grab onto life with every ounce of strength left in my bony fingers. I will come back to haunt any of my family who feels guilty over my dying. As I said, we all gotta do it!

Now...that said...I do not feel that younger people should be so cavalier about their health - especially those who have others depending upon them. Our Wonderful Granddaughter's MS is a real cause for concern. She has two little boys; but, she doesn't dwell on her physical condition and has "ordered" the rest of us not to. Since she and her girlfriend are both health care professionals, I trust them to make good decisions.

You crack me up. Reminds me a little of my father, who said that he smoked and drank because he did not want to be old and dying of "nothing".

Ingineer--I don't care to be around smoking and too much drinking, but I do appreciate your father's outlook. Thanks for passing his outlook along.

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