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October 02, 2014


In my few minutes of research, I learned that they think some earthquakes could be related to deep waste-water injection wells, not fracking wells. But some earthquakes were proven not to be related. I was looking because your EQ had a depth of 3.1 miles so I was wondering how deep these wells are. All I could find are they are "deep" but no definition of what that is. I guess I need to keep looking.

What could be causing these earthquakes if not fracking?

Ingineer66--I was a bit careless in my wording. Waste injection wells that are used to dispose of fluids that result or are a part of the fracking process are included in my mental picture of fracking.

Hattie--Up until a few years ago, all earthquakes were ascribed to natural causes.

For what it's worth, our daughter posted about an earthquake in her neck of the woods (NH) at NH Home of the Mini Earthquake. Her earthquake occurred just 24 hours 41 minutes after ours.

A mini earthquake for a mini state. I wonder what caused all those earthquakes in New England in the 1700's. Maybe the Indians were fracking for oil to seal their canoes like they did in Santa Barbara. 😄

Ingineer--I posit that time travelers from the year 2020 went back to extract oil before it became so hard to extract. They forget the warping of space caused by their travel and are totally unaware that within 10 years' of their leaving year 1701, the holes they poked will interact with the warping to produce a series of earthquakes.
; )

Nice idea, but if they can travel through time, why not go forward and get an energy source that does not use hydrocarbons?

Ingineer--Work with me here!

And...we had another EQ at about 8:52 am. This one is reported as a 4.4, epicenter 2 Km SSW of Cushing OK (think SE of Stillwater).

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