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October 17, 2014


Thanks for sharing :-)

Stu--You are welcome. You provided me a trip down memory lane! I've returned to Rolla MO twice since HH and I left in January 1959 - in 1962 for my younger brother's wedding (he received a BSEE with honors in 3 years - in a hurry so he could marry a few days after graduation) and on a sentimental journey in 1998.

In 1962, I'm not sure that HH and I went to the campus, although I assume that we did. In 1998, we spent a couple of days just visiting the campus and wandering about town. As it turned out, everyplace I had ever lived had been purchased by the university or by the town, torn down, and replaced with buildings or tennis courts! Whenever it was that they were torn down, it was long overdue. Those places would now be classified as slum dwellings by today's standards.

Love looking at the old photos, even if they aren't from anything that I was involved in. I know, strange hu?

Bogie--You are strangely wonderful!

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