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August 03, 2014


I have not driven a car with the stick shaker, but it sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe someday we can quit grinding rumble strips that do the same thing along the edge of the highway.

I "downgraded" from Toyota 4-runners because they were getting to techy for me - and that was in 2004! If it can play my MP3 player, and I can roll the back windows down with the push of a button, that is all I need.

I rarely get calls on my phone, much less while driving, so don't need Bluetooth. The phone has a GPS, if I so decide to use it, so my car doesn't need one. I don't even like having cruise (never use it), but my last 3 vehicles have had it as part of the electronics package.

Heck, most of the reason I drive stick is because I don't want an automatic transmission deciding when it should shift - especially when I am on an icy/snowy hill (I even disable the electronic "sneakers" a lot on icy roads as every curve it will apply one brake, then the other, then another because it causes little skids on the crappy roads I drive - I can drive it much better than the car can). I can also brake better than the ABS; my last 3 vehicles have had ABS and I detested it until I figured out how to keep the system from coming on (just go ahead and do the brake pumping - it gives up).

I certainly don't want the dang thing to slam on brakes because a car is slowing down to turn - and then you have to worry about hackers. Give me a simple vehicle any time!

Ingineer--Gee, I didn't know there were rumble strips on the edges of highways, never having strayed over the line. *smirking*

Bogie--I didn't care for early versions of ABS; but, current versions seem to work well - although - I don't recall the last time mine actually activated. I have intentionally bought stability augmentation systems on the last few cars. With differential braking I am able to take on/off ramps at even higher speeds than I used to. (On the drive to work the off ramp was posted at 20mph. I routinely took it at 35-40mph and that was before having SAS.)

I don't understand the "sneakers" terminology.

I'm thinking of making my next car from an orange crate. Oh, wait! Orange crates, as I knew them, probably haven't been made in 50 years!

Bogie--I failed to say that I have no separate mp3 player; but, I copy mp3 files to a couple of flash drives (one, with Lincoln logo, came with the car). Plugged into the USB ports in the consoles, the flash drives become choices in the entertainment menu. I also got a couple of services (Sirius radio, for instance) free for a year - that I haven't tried and probably won't.

Amusing? A couple of days after buying my car, I was setting default values for a bunch of electronic stuff in it when I found a button at the top of the display screen. I couldn't figure out the pict-o-gram on it, so I pushed it a few times to see what happened. I eventually figured out that it was a 9-1-1 button (the emergency call button in the USA). Fortunately, it didn't seem to be set up to work. At least, no one came on to ask, "What is your emergency?"

Not sure about orange crates but the plum, peach and olive crates around here are now made out of plastic instead of wood.
My 2014 Ford F150 pickup has free Sirious radio for 6 months, it is just OK. I added my own photo for the wallpaper on the large screen. I thought it was a fun feature, but I wish it would shuffle through a few like a computer does since I alternate every week or so between photos of my kids and the Mustang I traded in. In set up mode it asked for an In Case of Emegency number so I put my wife's cell number in. I am not sure if the truck is going to call 911 and her if I get in a crash or exactly how it works.

Ingineer--I think that your navigation package is much like mine with SiriusXM traffic reports tied into the GPS. We haven't even mentioned voice control, have we?

Sneakers - stability control. Heck, the dang thing thinks I'm skidding around corners when it is the middle of summer, on dry roads, but hit a couple of bumps in a row. Just wears out brakes as far as I am concerned. If I know a road, I can drive it far faster than 90% of the population will try it (theoretically of course - I would never, ever break the law like that ;) )

I believe!!!

We'll be looking for a new(er) car soon, and this entire conversation is scary! I wouldn't mind reading a manual, if any of it made sense to me. This is another case of technology changing so rapidly that I'm not sure we can keep up. There are functions which would be nice to have, but I have faith that Dear Husband is likely to be a better judge of a situation than a computer, and agree with Bogie about wanting to keep control of the car.

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