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June 20, 2014


Very cool.

Hey stranger... it has been a long while since I have dropped by your blog but I am certainly glad I chose today to do so. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I was enjoying my own 'band' days back when The Ventures entered the music scene and their drummer was the envy of most drummers during that time period. Until seeing the video you shared I had no idea he grew up to be a 4-star general - so to speak! And in the same branch of the service as I served in no less. :)

Hi, Snake Boy--Good of you to drop around. I don't know exactly when you enjoyed your own band or The Ventures; but, later-General Babbitt didn't stay with the group very long. According to Wikipedia, at George T. Babbitt, Jr., Babbitt wasn't old enough to play in the bars when The Ventures started playing them and had to drop out - before The Ventures became well-known in 1960 when "Walk Don't Run" made the charts.

Something about "He marched to the beat of a different drum" came to mind, but I can't remember the exact quotation :-(

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