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June 15, 2014


Nice to see you back!

This is the second post I saw since you returned. How's your yard??


ME--My yard is killing me. The tree seedlings are running about 500 seedlings per square foot in my planting areas. I can clear the seedlings from about 10 square feet per hour - and two hours is the maximum that I can spend at it due to heat and humidity - and needing to take care of other things. (Oh, yes, the chiggers that abound in our area mean that I cannot work for more than three hours before showering to remove most of them from my skin.) Each day, I pull the seedlings that have come up in previously-weeded areas before getting to the "virgin" crop. After months of drought, the past few weeks have engendered enough rain that it was too muddy to work into the yard until two weeks ago - and - we are still 3" behind on rain for the year!(When I get enough weeding done, I'll start renewing the mulching.)

In addition to pulling the seedlings (and other weeds), I've cut down a few trees in the 4"-8"-diameter range. Then there is trimming the bushes and edging the grass along 280' of curb/sidewalk, 400'-500' of planted areas, around trees and bushes that are surrounded by grass, and along the edge of the woods. Obviously, I don't work in the yard every day - only three or four days each week. Last week, I was at the Red Cross office for four days so I didn't get to swim, much less get much yard work done.

Aren't you sorry you asked. I'm thinking, though, that I've gotten my whining out of the way for the whole day - maybe two! *laughing*

All--If you didn't get the email announcing that I was "back", it's because I'm not really back, yet. Posting will surely be sparse for a while as I did not intend to return so soon, but couldn't resist this one.

I'm not back yet, either, but I couldn't resist posting my 13-month-old great-grandson Jack's first race. Part of the local Beltane events in Edinburgh. He can go forward just fine, but he's distractable....when he sees other kids running, he thinks it's a game and goes to join them. The race ended with his mum dragging him over to his dad, who had been posted at the other side of the field cheering him on. what a riot!

Sorry about your yard work being so hard in all the heat. I don't have anything remotely like my own yard. Just a couple of pots on my balcony. marigolds in one, mint in the other. I could stick some more herbs out there, but I can't decide which ones.

ME--Rosemary smells so wonderful when brushed against. It gets my vote for one.

reminds me that i have a recipe for rosemary Cake! yum!!

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