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January 09, 2014


Vetustior humo - older than dirt ;-)

That is a great list. Some I have run across before, and the rest either I haven't or have forgotten about. Some people just need to read, digest, understand, and practice #2!

And thank you Stu for translating - that definitely fits my mother (but not me, ever - LOL)

Stu--You came through, thanks. The faux Latin, "Quondo omni flunkus mortati." is supposed to translate as, "If all else fails, play dead." It does not, of course!

Bogie--Ouch! I don't like your attitude! *smiling - evilly*

Si omnia cetera fallunt, ludere mortuus.

Stu--Much better!!

"Aut omnia me fallunt" --Seneca

I may be the only one in this conversation who has a degree in Latin but no Latin dictionary! (Had to leave them all behind in the convent)

ME--I think you would have been safe had you claimed, "I am the only one in this conversation who has a degree in Latin." My Latin dictionary is a paperback: The New College Latin & English Dictionary by John C Traupman, PhD. Published in April 1966 (11 reprints dating from May 1966 to May 1981), I purchased it while living in Albuquerque (1983-1990). It touts that it is "The best low-priced dictionary you can own".

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