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November 26, 2013


Found your heroic photo :-)
Now I'm just trying to work out the connection with the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array ;-)

I agree with Mr. Adams. My grandmother hung on for years after Alzheimer's had ravaged her brain and body. My uncle wished they could get 3 nurses to go in and each give her a shot and one of those shots would be a fatal dose of something. That way nobody would know who actually did it. Pneumonia finally took her but it was a long painful process for her and everyone else.

Stu--Thanks. It's embarrassing when one knows that there were other things that had been accomplished (by others or by oneself) that were so much more noteworthy. The woman who nominated me knew virtually nothing about anything that I do - except for the 70 or 80 hours that I put in on her behalf! The sponsors will get a kick out of your take on their name. We will be seeing them at a reception (and then a breakfast) in a couple of weeks. They were kind enough to sponsor Hunky Husband for the Hero honor back in 2010. (His nomination was more deserved and better documented.)

Ingineer--Sorry to hear about your grandmother. That is tough! I don't know why it should be required that the effective nurse be unknown. I would pin a medal on her/his chest! In my directives, no surgery or machinery is to be connected to me if I cannot or do not indicate consent. They ignored my dad's directives, so I've not much hope that mine will be more effective.

I found your photo as well without knowing your name. A few minutes of searches and a few clues from the blog. Congratulations. It sounds like they are grateful for your efforts.

Ingineer--"A" for effort, and thanks. I did give rather too much info, didn't I? Most people obtain my name through email (left-hand sidebar); but, you had to be different. *chuckling*

BTW: In case you did not notice, your search engine should not have hit on anything actually in my blogs. They are closed to searches.

I searched hero, the sponsor previously mentioned and your town and that eventually lead to the answer. Your email just says cop car.

Ingineer--Ah, yes, but those with whom I exchange emails usually get my real name in our exchange; )

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