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October 25, 2013


A suggestion : instead of having a piece of chocolate to compensate(?) for a bad experience - thus reinforcing it - you should have a piece of chocolate to accompany a positive experience. So that gets reinforced instead.
It may not work, but it's still chocolate :-)

Stu--I agree! Thursday, I didn't have chocolate; but, I had a blueberry muffin to celebrate having completed an interview that I had been dreading.

Stu you are a genius. But I would want a good beer instead of chocolate.

PS Cop Car you are a genius too. I mean I knew you were very smart but your identification of the Canadair CL-44 on Hattie's blog was impressive. I know a fair amount of useless information that would make me a decent Jeopardy threat but even after trying to Google rear swing door cargo planes I still could not ID it. I tip my hat to you.

Ingineer--Without undue modesty I must clarify that Stu probably has about 30 IQ points on me. Your kindness is appreciated.
Thanks, too, for giving me the benefit of the doubt; but, no one has confirmed my ID as yet! Having been exposed to airplanes/aircraft since the 1940s and having spent most of my engineering career in the aerospace realm, I at least know which books to consult. (And I have a ton of 'em.) BTW: I just Googled your search term, "rear swing door cargo planes". The first entry to pop up mentions the CL-44. Perhaps you blinked.
; )

You embarrass me, CC. IQ decreases with age, I find. I'm at about 130 nowadays, but experience helps us oldies paste over the holes ;-)

Stu--Damn! I should have written, "...Stu probably has about 40 IQ points on me." Sorry that I shortchanged you. *chuckling* Seriously, never having knowing taken an IQ test, I always assumed that I was a shade over average - before the IQ slippage with aging! I would, however, have been willing to trade a few of whatever points I had for a bit of memory. Having started life with a poor memory, I note that it has not (like good cheese or good wine) improved with age.

PS: Yes that's a CL44, BOAC used to have some too.

God. IQ tests. That is quaint. I had the (mis)fortune of attending the University of California at Berkeley's Child Development Center Nursery School, where we were treated like lab rats, given all kinds of tests and observed from behind one way mirrors. Ugh!
One day I got really angry, because a tester showed me a picture of a rabbit with one ear and asked me what was missing. I recall saying something like "Why don't you tell me?" (My mother corroborated this anecdote.)

Stu--Whew! Now I can breath easily. *smiling* It is always well to have a second opinion.

Hattie--Oh, I've taken lots of tests in my time; but, no one ever seemed to give a damn what the results showed. At least, no one cared enough to share results with me! (Or...perhaps it is just another memory failure that I don't recall what anyone ever told me? Perhaps it was I who didn't give a damn.)

I see the mention of the CL-44 now. I just scanned the Wikipedia article the first time looking for photos of similar planes.

Ingineer--Understood, often & easily done by yours truly. What I actually consulted in this instance was A Field Guide to Airplanes, 2nd Ed, MR Montgomery & Gerald Foster (Pages 144-145).

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