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October 18, 2013


Pada snijeg....wot language is that?

Croatian. I didn't think anyone would appreciate the Serbian version: Пада снег. Truly, it may be that neither version is correct for what I think I recall of the Serbo-Croatian that (the elder generations of) Hunky Husband's family spoke. HH's parents used it as a code - when they didn't want the customers in their drugstore to understand what they were saying to one another. I was fortunate that I could pick up some of what they were saying because it sounded similar to some of the German that I had learned in four semesters of Scientific German.

HH and his sisters were not taught the language. Said Pop Snajdar, "If I wanted them to speak Yugoslavian, we would all move back to Yugoslavia!" I do so miss Pop and Mom S. She died in 1987 at age 75; he, in 2008 just shy of age 98.

Which reminds me of my teasing a coworker. He called his grandmother from work to chat with her at length - in Polish. Eventually, I let out an exasperated "Bože moj!" (phonetically, "boyzia moyia") which I gambled would be close to the Polish for "My god!"
It was close enough. (Polish, I now can find, is "Boże mój"). My co-worker gave me, first, a startled look - then, he started looking a little worried. I hastened to tell him that I did not know/understand Polish - that I was using Serbo-Croatian as a joke on him. Fortunately for me, he had a good sense of humor! (And I should have, sooner, credited Google Translator for helping me with the Serbian and Croatian, and now the Polish.)

You got your first snow before we did - the world is probably ending :)

Bogie--Well...does it counts when it melts as it strikes? I'll let you know when we get our first measureable snow!

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