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October 17, 2013


Been in a couple of quakes, all softer than that.
My first was when I stayed at a hotel on Lake Constance; it shook me awake, not really understanding what was happening.
A silicon valley friend staying in the same hotel, ran outside screaming in his PJs . The locals just laughed :-)

My sister in Milpitas was in the shower when the earthquake struck. She just held on to the shower door and said "Oh shit, oh shit," until it was over. My mother in Berkeley was very frightened. My sister got to her somehow and brought her back to her house for a few days.
The TV coverage was extensive. What my mother could not get over were the heroic men, just residents around the collapsed Nimitz Freeway, who went up onto the roadway and pulled people out of their cars, bringing them to safety.

Stu--Perhaps your silicon valley friend was in the Loma Prieta quake, too! My first quake woke me at 4:00am, in Seattle WA in about 1965. It was about a 4. The worst I've felt in Kansas was about a 3. I lost track of all the quakes in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas; but, I think my previous "worst" had been a 5.4 in the Bay area just a couple of months prior to the big one. I was in bed at a motel, it having occurred prior to my finding an apartment. Which reminds me of a quake in the Los Angeles area that, too, struck during a night that I was spending in a hotel - near LAX. It took me a while to realize that the hotel guests in the room on the other side of my wall were not really as athletic as I was giving them credit for.

Hattie--I cannot imagine being in the shower for a major quake. Yegads! It took a while and equipment to get some of the people and bodies out of the cars; but, as you say, there were heroic people who helped others extricate themselves and get to safer places before a large aftershock could dislodge the tangle, causing more harm.

I can't imagine living through a big earthquake! I worried for DH's daughter all the time she lived in SoCal. I understand that we have had a couple of quakes from the New Madrid system, but you'd never be able to tell it by me. I probably slept through it.

Buffy--It is so dependent upon location. You may be at a null point for the quakes from the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

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