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October 06, 2013


That is awesome. I know they have been working on a walking equipment carrier for the rugged country in Afghanistan where regular vehicles could not go, but to make it run is pretty amazing. It looks like a 2 cycle leaf blower type motor. It means more torque at lower weight but is loud and smokey.

I think it's interesting,but it needs quite a lot of refinement to become a useful consumer item.

Ingineer--I agree on the motor. Have you seen a weight spec anywhere?

Hattie--Agreed. Can you see the thing going up Mt Everest?

Always interesting & informative at this blog! Thanks....even though I personally do not want one of those things dragging me around. not yet, anyway.

I have not really researched it. I think it was a DARPA project. M E it was intended to carry heavy supplies while the people walked but I suppose a person could ride one if unable to walk.

There are many places to find more info on the various anthropomorphized robotic devices being developed under DARPA. One of the sites is c/net's DARPA takes bigger BigDog out for walkies.

ME--Given that these are military "beasts", and that they aren't (at this point, at least) by any means "stealthy", my best-case scenario is that such robotics be used to retrieve wounded during a battle.

Ingineer--Please let me know if you run into any "specs". (Official specs aren't apt to work their way out to the public anytime soon, I'll wager.) Sheesh! It's been about 25 years since I've written specs on military systems - for the US Marines.

I have nothing to do with it just interested by stander. But I do have a son in the Marines so knowing how they operate he is possibly just getting the stuff you wrote specs on. :-)

Ingineer--Sorry. I did not mean to imply that I thought you to be an insider on the robots; but, know that you do a lot of mucking about on the internet. As to the specs that I wrote, I doubt that the equipment would still be useful - with advancing technology. At this late date, I don't even recall the ordering of specs; so, it may be misleading that I think that I recall that the top-level specs (such as I wrote) are "A Level" specs?

A mind is a terrible thing to waste - and - mine's been wasting away ever since about 1952!

I love it. Definitely a 2-stroke motor.

Bogie--BigDog would be quite an addition to your dwindling menagerie. However, I left out a third reason why the WildCat (or BigDog) will not be my next pet: even were they commercially available, they would be out of my price bracket.

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