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October 19, 2013


Beautiful - I love when frost highlights the colors of the various plants!

Bogie--You get that in spades, don't you?

lovely. So far no freezes here yet and last year they came quite late. I barely have gotten over the fact it's fall; so not eager for hard winter although we sure need it to be hard this year as last year's barely had a freeze which means lots more fleas on the cats :(

CC - not this year. We had hard freezes, but not much for frost. The air has been so dry (except when it has been rainy - but then it has been warm).

Oddly, our weather has been like Bogie's, no frost. We'll have our first freeze tonight, I think, and snow is forecast for Wednesday, just 1.5 inches.

You and Bogie have the most amazing variety of plants in your yards. I love your landscape shots!

Bogie--I hadn't thought about your not having the needed moisture since you seem to get a lot of precip. Timing is everything!

Buffy--Glad you like the landscape shots. I like to compare the photos, year-to-year.

Since moving into this place, I've kept trying to find the perfect plantings - that are well suited for exactly where they are. I made so many mistakes in our original landscaping! I'm working toward a setup that will allow me to spend less time weeding/watering/sawing/pruning/etc. I'm getting too old for it. I agree about Bogie's variety and you have so much variety in your several gardens. I know that you will miss them (especially your herbs, eh?)

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