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September 05, 2013


Yeeow! Someone around here has one of those, but I haven't seen him flying it for ages. I would worry about getting my head lopped off by one of those rotors!

Hattie--One must be a bit careful around any piece of moving machinery. I noted the death of a teenage boy, recently, who had the top part of his head sliced off by the radio-controlled model helicopter that he was putting through stunt maneuvers. We must accord an amount of respect even to our toys.

From the identification on the aircraft of the video (B-BGGW, where "G" indicates Great Brittain) and the (assumed amateur radio) call letters used to identify the submitter (GB7DJK, where, also, "G" indicates Great Brittain), I take it that the Norfolk mentioned as Wing Commander (a clue, itself) Wallis's home refers to the county in England.

Rest in peace! Always in awe of creative people!!

ME--Horrifically, the teen's father was there with him.

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