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September 23, 2013


Solipsism : now there's a good word ;-)

Ahem. Ficken is also a word in German for sexual intercourse.

Oh, but I see that you already knew that.

Stu--As Andrew4Handel posted: "The point about solipsism is that the mind is subjective and an individual experience prior to attempts to objectively theorise. We have direct experience of only our own experiences and mind and no direct access to other mines [sic] in humans or other creatures."

Hattie--Well, a foreign language form is so much less offensive. (Truth-to-tell: This was an accidental posting. I thought that I had deleted it a few weeks ago. Obviously, not. I guess I'll grin and bear it instead of taking it down at this late date!) Hopefully, none of my blog friends/family will be so mortified that they cut off all communications.

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