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September 09, 2013


You may be missing a bet.(: Worse, you may be depriving others of entertainment.

I knew there was a reason why you dropped off FB, and I can certainly see your point. Back in Western Carolinas we were starting to use social media more for disaster response; and, with DA transitioning more into Situational Awareness, I think I'm in it for awhile longer (although I should probably clean up my act a little).

A UK TV comedian has summed it all up in a lexical form :-
Singular = Facebook
Plural = Faecesbook ;-)

I too avoid FB etc. 'Tis bad enough that we blog ;-)

Hattie--I understand what you mean. A photo of me in oven mitts and tiara should be entertainment enough for most people, I should think!

Harold--FB's privacy policy, when they changed it a couple of years ago, was not in line with my own. Social media, in itself, can spell disaster.

Stu--We don't spell it that way ; ) Do you think that you and I could get people to pay us to stop blogging?

All but Harold--We should explain that, DA = Disaster Assessment.

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