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September 20, 2013


Presumably someone has annoyed/frustrated you, he wrote, ducking for cover.

In MY dreams I think I must be crossing a desert, because there are always lots of camel toes ;-)

Stu--Camel toes? If there is a hidden meaning in that, you will have to explain it to me, please.

Thanks for the help on my latest lethal dream. And here, all along, I've been thinking that my dreams reflect my timidity index. When my dreams portrayed me as being able to merely resist external forces but not to overcome them, it was pretty reflective of real life. I've always been able to survive, but I did not have the positive confidence that I associated with determining my own path in life. It was wonderful when I developed the confidence reflected in that first lethal dream.

I've noticed that in the past five years, my dreams are reflecting, not powerlessness, but less confidence in my abilities to cope with external forces. The latest dream may be my statement that, "I may be old, I'm not down, yet!"

@CC, if you have to ask, you don't really want to know ;-)


When I was a child my dreams were about food. As an adult, they were about bodies and sex. And they still are, sometimes. But the dreams that express my individuality are very mysterious and involve unpeopled houses and cityscapes. There is something impersonal and aesthetic about them.

CC, stu is making one of his suggestive/off-color/whatever jokes. check it out: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camel_toe‎

Cop Car: I woke up thinking about the strength and uniqueness of the dreams you've described in this post. Killed a guy! (two separate dreams and, I assume, two separate guys!) A tall angel joining the pumps at the gas station to point a finger at you for taking a piece of gum!? (Glory....you can remember dreams you had in childhood, even?) The strength and uniqueness seem to fit your waking persona.

Hattie--I take it all back - implying that we all dream similarly. What ever was I thinking? Too, I flat out lied. I do recall that, as a teenager, I dreamed of arriving at school having forgotten the combination to my locker's lock - or without having remembered to wear clothing. Your aesthetic dreams would be different from anything that I have ever dreamed!

ME--Your pal Stu sent me an email, writing, "I...don’t want to embarrass you in your comments, lest you kill me ;-)" I'll ignore the implication that he thinks that I might do you harm!

Yes, the two guys were not the same one. I'm not Steven King! The best part of the earlier "strong" dream was that it signaled an end to nightmares that had demonstrated my feelings of powerlessness.

Camel toes - the visual on gets of a woman's nether regions when she is wearing really, really tight pants. Don't worry, I had to look it up the first time I heard of it last year.

Bogie--Many of the women whom I see in really, really tight pants are so overweight that they look more like an elephant's rear end.

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