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September 01, 2013


Brave of you! just the letters, huh? will try it. and you're right...the numbers can be almost invisible.

What hath God wrought! (Numbers,23,23)

BTW: 23 is the number of the Illuminati ;-)

I just refresh until I can find something I can read. Will try ignoring numbers next time.

Interesting, I can usually read the photo of the numbers, but it is near impossible to decipher the fancified/mi-shappen/crazed letters. It usually takes me 3-4 tries for letters.

ME--Thanks, but no bravery required. Please see my reply to Hattie.

Stu--You think that you are Samuel Morse? (No stigmati required/wanted, thanks.)

Hattie--I was at my wits' end trying to make numbers out of a dark blob. I started to click on the refresh icon but knew that the system would refresh if I input an incorrect decipherment. (Sometimes I can remember how decipher is spelled!) Having already input the letters, I chose the latter route. Lo and behold, it published!

Bogie--The whole system is a nightmare. The rotten few put the rest of us through a lot of angst. It is so much better since my cataract surgery of three years ago. I wish that your visual problems were amenable to such a simple solution!

Just FYI, inputting the number but not the letters does not suffice :-(

Stu--Sorry! It still worked for me, as of last evening. Perhaps it is only certain blog providers that fall in this category - or it may be only one. I'll do more research to see if it works on more than XE's blog on which I've been successful.

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