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September 11, 2013


incredible post! so he was in space on that long ago 9/11. i was in the dentist chair--actually, not yet. there was a TV in the dentist chair, and it was set to live programming from NYC.

Excellent post to remind us of the emotions and international spirit of cooperation of those days.

Thanks to M.E. I learned of your post. Thank you so much for sharing Frank Culbertson's thoughtful words. Many thoughts for myself as we were living in Manhattan when it happened, about to go to vote. Living now in Portland, Oregon, it's as if there is a different universe here. Everything has changed in the U.S. since that day--sometimes I think it's that we did not pause long enough. Thank you

Great post!

ME--Thank you for your kind comment and for the link from your blog. It's a sure thing that the TV coverage was more painful to you than the dental work that you had done. Everyone in our country (and many, outside) were hurting that day.

Ingineer--It's only when the pain of such an event overcomes our usual animosities that we seem able to focus on the truly important. Thanks for coming by.

Naomi--It's been a while. Thanks for following ME's link. You are welcome for the postings. I hadn't realized (or had forgotten) that you were a Manhattanite. Portland OR is lucky to have you and Ronni there. Wouldn't a permanent, universal pause be nice - in which, as I wrote above, we focus on the truly important?

Bogie--Thanks! You always have inspirational postings on 9/11 each year (your postings were my inspiration for posting this - it was that long ago when I found the letter!) and on patriotic days.

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