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June 24, 2013


Sorry to hear that. OTOH, I want to go quickly when my time comes, probably less painful for all concerned, no long drawn out suffering.

Stu--HH and I want to be out running/walking when we keel over and leave; so, you know that I agree with you. Poor ES suffered for 30 days - too long! But, it did give her a chance to say goodbye to her old friends and family.

Thanks for notifying me about your comment. It isn't a case of "again" but of "still". Every few days I poke TypePad about it; but, as of this morning, they could give me no estimate of when a fix would be effected.

I was sorry I couldn't make it out there for the funeral.

Bogie--That would have been one long trek and required your taking time off from work. When one has not been with a company for very long, it makes things difficult. Don (and we) certainly understood. He was surprised that your sister, niece, cousins, and your Aunt K made it.

As you know, Elder Brother requested that no flowers be sent and that if anyone wished to donate in Expert Seamstress' memory, it should be to the donor's local charity of choice. The only flowers were a casket spray of 60 roses (one for each of their years together) and a huge, single orchid corsage that commemorated the first corsage that EB ever gave a girl (to ES to wear to his senior prom). He asked that I save a rose and a folder for you. Dudette has them (I needed my hands free to assist your Aunt K in walking across the uneven ground, so handed them off.)

I'm in total agreement with you and Stu that when it's my time, I hope to go quickly. My Dad lasted ten days in ICU, and knowing him, I bet that he would have rather we had not made such Herculean efforts to save him. We had the chance to visit with him, but the person whose hand we held wasn't really "Dad."

I'm so sorry for all the loss in your family. It's dreadful to lose so many in such a short time. As I've said elsewhere, it's good that you and EB are keeping in touch. I know he needs his family now, as you need time to be with him.

Buffy--Thanks for dropping by and for your comments and sympathy. You are much appreciated.

BTW: As a tribute to Expert Seamstress, I hosted lunch at the Fort Collins CO Olive Garden for all who had been able to make it to ES's sservice. It was a wonderful opportunity for blood relatives and grafted-family relatives to get to know one another.

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