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June 26, 2013


Ah, what a beauty you were.
But I'll bet everyone was real careful not to tell you that, lest it go to your head.
When did your SIL die? I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you, Hattie. Sadly, in my teen years, folks (mostly my parents' "friends") went out of their way to let me know that I was not good looking. Of course, I believed them. Perhaps it was a case of no one being able to brand a nerd as attractive? OTOH: Elder Brother, my high school senior year, thought me attractive enough that he asked me to be the blind date for another high school senior (male) that EB's fraternity was wooing - for Greek Week. That was a whole 'nuther story. The young man died at an early age (mid-20s, as I recall) as a result of the kidney damage he sustained from drinking too much alcohol that weekend.

Please see Expert Seamstress - no more

Sorry for your loss. The photo of the two of you was stunning. You have great memories of a lasting love and that certainly is a wonderful thing in a family.

Rain--How kind of you. Somehow, I think that we elders now see youngsters as being much better looking than we did when we were their ages - including ourselves in photos. Yes, the memories are plentiful, appreciated, and (sometimes) bittersweet.

I love the pictures you've shared with us. While the post is about ES, it was your picture to which I was drawn. You were a lovely teenager. Your hair was gorgeous! It's really too bad that your family couldn't see past the "nerdy" to see the beauty, too. ES was lovely, and a determined woman, it seems. She may have reeled EB in, but I think he may have had an affect upon her, too.

I remember both those bathing suits, and the tweed coats. My sisters wore the bathing suits, and my mother had a tweed coat around the time my youngest sister was born, 1957.

Thanks for posting the picture of EB and ES. I'll think of them both when you write of EB in the future.

Buffy--Thanks for the kind compliment.

Ah, yes, the styles of the day: The swimsuit that I am wearing in the photo was ES's and do note the Jantzen logo on the black swimsuit that ES is wearing. I can just see your elder sisters and your Elegant Mother in their stylish swimsuits and coat! You should post photos, if you have them handy.

P.S. As a clarification, it was my parents' friends who couldn't see past "nerdy". ES was a beauty from birth. I don't have photos of her as a youngster; but, I've seen them; and, some of the now-elderly boys told us that she was the prettiest girl in our grade school - at which time we didn't know ES as EB was a year ahead of her in school and I was two years behind her.

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