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May 25, 2013


As brutal as this sounds : median survival for Stage 4 is about four months, afaik :-(

Here's wishing ES all the best in her fight.

Yes, Stu, I'm afraid that you are correct. There is roughly a 50% 6-month survival rate, 25% 12-month survival rate, 12% 12-month survival rate, and 2% 5-year. It really is not a fight unless one participates in clinical trials, which ES declined when I talked to her on Wednesday. Today, she wishes me to be available later in her ordeal. As far as I'm concerned, she gets whatever she wants that I can give her!

I was sorry to hear about ES and hope that they can get her symptoms under control so she doesn't suffer in the time she has left.

Oh how distressing! It's so hard when everything seems to hit at once.
The most important thing for ES is PAIN MANAGEMENT. Poor thing. And so sudden.
All the best to you, as you go through these trials.

I'm so very sorry to hear about your cousin and ES. I'm glad that ES is welcoming your help in the future. Hospice worked with my mother for seven or eight months, and I can't say enough positive things about them. I hope they will be able to make ES comfortable, and help the family deal with what is to come. I wish I could be there to help you. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Hugsssss!

Bogie--Thanks, Sweetheart. Cancer is a scary deal. Your uncle could not/chose not to deal with it. You may also recall that both of ES's parents died of cancer [I don't recall what type(s)]. When things got bad for ES's dad, he refused to eat, not wishing to linger.

Hattie--Each family must deal with their own mortality issues. From what I've read, pancreatic cancer is so asymptomatic for so long that diagnosis and understanding of prognosis is nearly always sudden. Thanks for your good wishes.

Buffy--Most hospice organizations do a wonderful job. I dealt with two such organizations while serving as a long-term care ombudsman and a friend used to be director of volunteers for a local hospice, so I've seen what you observe. Thanks for the wishes. I'm in agreement on pain management!

UFF DA! that is indeed a lot for one month/week/year/individual/family.....Holding ES and you and all in the light.

Keeping good thoughts for you and yours. Sounds like life is a little too lifelike for you these day!!! I can totally relate!

ME & Kay--Thanks for coming by. I was appalled at my s-i-l's condition when I arrived at her home. It is really tough on her and her loved ones.

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