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May 01, 2013


It is so cool to be able to watch the nesting. Too bad you missed the Mallard, but maybe she will try again after this brood is self-sufficient. I have been waiting for our hummingbirds, which usually show up mid to late April - not a sip has been taken out of the feeder yet - I'm so bummed.

Reply from CC:
Still being unable to add comments, myself, I'll trail after you! Mallards usually hatch only one clutch per year according to Kenn Kaufman's book (not the field guide - can't think of the name just now); but, especially with the wierd weather we've had this year, "our" hen may make an exception. I didn't really expect her nest to be as well-formed as it was. If I think of it when the weather isn't chilly/rainy, I'll go snap a photo to post.

Bogie--Your hummers will get there. This is a rather strange season for them. I had been putting fresh nectar out every 7-10 days (cool weather!) so it was fresh. So far, have only seen a sub-adult male and a female.

"Our" Mallard pair have come back this year. I haven't tried to find their nest, but I bet it's in the shrubbery near the retention ponds just east of us. They came to check out the seed below the bird feeders, and I saw them walking east past the garage.

Bogie--An adult male hummer showed, a day or two ago! Also: yellow warbler. Having determined that the nest in the bluebird box belonged to a pair of house sparrows (and contained three eggs), I've removed the nest. The hawk is still on the nest.

Buffy--Mallards are so secretive! It's quite difficult to pin down their nest. I found the one at our house only because, in pulling weeds, I ventured to a point too close to the hen - who hisssssssed at me!

Still waiting for the hummers. I replace the food faithfully, but am getting discouraged.

Bogie--Your dad and I discussed your lack of hummers, last night. We both (experts that we are!) think that you should not give up for another week or two. Hang in!

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