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May 10, 2013


I noticed the other day that the covers are removable - that is great what with the animals and all other ways things in this house get dirty.

hooray for removable covers! good thinking, cop car!!

Thanks, ME. Not only are the covers removeable, but they are 100% cotton so that they may be tossed into the washing machine. (Yes, I machine washed the fabric before making the covers so they are pre-shrunk, too!) I've spent 'way too much time trying to keep things at least moderately clean. I've never understood the appeal that "dry clean only" items have for people. I'm much too lazy for that nonsense and I don't expect my loved ones to spend more time cleaning than I am willing to spend, myself.

What a great gift, CC! The cotton is comfortable for the users, and easy to clean. The colors are wonderful! I love that you made utility covers for the pillows. I need to take on that project for our bed pillows. I think I'd like ones that I made better than those I could buy.

The lilacs are stunning! I have a very old lilac with the traditional purple flowers. I cut a couple branches to bring into the house and the fragrance was astonishing.

I like asparagus, but Fred would really enjoy it.

Buffy--For the record: the utility covers were bought with the feather pillows. They are supposed to be the outer covers; but, I had bought plain, zippered covers to serve the utility function. Our bed pillows have utility covers that were purchased - plain cotton, zippered. The utility covers make keeping pillows clean so much easier!

About four years ago, I planted two twigs of old fashioned lilacs - see
Am I the only one behind in spring planting? that was posted on 5/1/2010. The lilac twigs had been planted the previous fall. They are about two feet tall now. If I live long enough, I'll drink in their fragrance of a spring.

I need to move the asparagus. They are too near the house and spears keep growing up behind the lapped cedar planks with which the house is sheathed in back.

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