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May 09, 2013


I can't get my spam filter to work!


Hattie--Obviously, neither can I. Your comment was in the spam filter while a real spam comment, that was obviously spam, was posted. Go figure.

Bogie--Thank you, Sweetheart. Your and your WS's card is sweet and thoughtful. Love, Mom

Blogger does pretty good at catching spam but for some reason they have decided a good friend of mine, who uses her real name to comment, is spam and her comments always end up there. It makes zero sense as she has a blog also and no reason to identify her as spam. Otherwise what I hate the most about the spam is getting the emails that swamp my emails with them even when they are caught. I guess I could do no more anonymous but hate to do that since some of my commenters don't want to register with a name. It's not an easy topic and the spam has gotten sneakier and sneakier for how they comment.

Figured it out, finally, and posted a comment of yours that was caught in the spam filter.

Rain & Hattie--Well done, for evading my bad-mannered spam filter. Good to see your comments again! Of course...I had to fish my own comment out of the spam filter. Arrrrgh!

Yes, the spammers are wasting their time cause even if they manage to get a comment printed, none of our readers will visit their site. If advertisers pay for the gibberish that's written as a comment, they get nothing.

Joared--You have a different perspective. It never occurred to me that spammers such as I see would expect anyone to click on anything nor that anyone might pay them to do anything. The real spam that I see not only have random characters as their "name" but include random bits of text from random blogs that are open to search engines (my blogs are not open to search engines) and are thus pure gibberish - meant, as far as I can tell, as an annoyance. For the past two days, there has been no spam in my spam filter. (We shall see if I must retrieve this comment from the spam filter.)

Answer: Yes I did. It has been weeks since any of my comments has not been trapped by my spam filter!

You must really be popular. I checked my spam filter and found zero spam - and I get a comment that goes thru maybe once a quarter. must be the fact that you post more, and more meaningful stuff than I do!

Bogie--Flattery will get you anywhere (but, you learned that as a wee lass, didn't you?)

From the stuff being put out by TypePad, the problems were brought about on many blogs at the same time - the same time as they (TP) migrated those blogs to a new comment service. Those whose blogs had not yet been transferred have not (yet?) been subjected to the spam issues. Perhaps your blog had/has not yet been migrated.

TypePad assures us that they are working the problem. Let's see if this comment gets caught in the spam filter.

It did! *heavy sigh*

spam filter?

S.P.A.M. =
Man-enhancing drugs ? ;-)

ME--TypePad is set up to screen out spam comments. Until last Spring, I rarely had spam; but, somehow, the spammers found my blog. (As my blogs are closed to search engines, I can only speculate that the spammer(s) scraped my URL from a blog friend's blog roll. I can't believe that my worst enemy would deliberately loose the dogs of spam on me!) When I log into TypePad I first check the comments that have actually been posted. Occasionally, a spam comment or two slip through and I must delete them. Most comments that the software protocol has identified as spam, however, is saved at a separate module of TypePad. Thus, the second thing that I do is to go check what TypePad has tagged as being spam. This morning, there were 104 comments there - including Stu's latest comment, above. I survey the "spam" to see which ones I need to post and which may be deleted. During the day, I will most probably have to repeat the process - at least once!
Stu--I am thoroughly convinced that the TypePad software protocol frequently "catches" your comments because it has been programmed to believe that no desirable person would use such terminology in commenting to an old woman's postings. If I ever make it to Germany, I'll save the time to come over to your place to scrub your hands with lye soap. (Were your comments aural, I'd have to wash out your mouth with the lye soap!) What's a person to do? *chuckling*

part of an email sent to another blogger by mistake:

"I had to take my macbook in to be reset after I got a major spam telling me my apple ID was kaput (something like that). So, to rejigger the whole thing, the genius threw out a bunch of programs designed to protect
my laptop from spam. he said i didn't need it (them). fine. if they are clogging my cyberarteries, begone with them. Well, a couple of days ago, I got a utility bill from "pge.com" for something like $550+. pay up now!, etc.
I didn't even know what PGE was. certainly not our beloved PEPCO here. I investigated on google, and pge.com is indeed Pacific Gas & Electric, as any good Californian would know. There was a big red alert on the home page about a spammer who is sending bills almost exactly like the one I got to people living outside of california, even outside of the U.S.A. This is in a different category from the usual spammer who clutters up my blog with offers to sell viagra, etc., to my dear XE readers if only they will click on their link.

i personally don't know of any filtering system for Mac that will stop people on this level of ingenuity. If there is one, it often works only on PCs. I just have to weed out online associations and stop slavishly adding my email address to any group that asks for it. (Yes, Mr. & Mrs. Obama, this includes you.). the Dems have picked my pockets clean for too long, and the government is still running amok. I can't stand FaceBook, though I go there to see what my great-grandchildren are up to (crawling! hooray! after great-grandma asked if they ever got out of those huge strollers or car seats).

ME--Too frequently, those who position themselves as our "helpers" are, in fact, taking advantage of our ignorance to fleece us. Yes, I've received similar spam that included my machine's ID (as "proof" that my machine was not secure). I say: so what? I am very leery of taking any offer of digital help (help that I did not solicit from a trusted source, that is) at face value. They get a "delete" from me.

we used to have a little motto on the wall of our lake cottage's kitchen: "Too soon oldt, too late schmart!" That's me. I delete like crazy these days.

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