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April 13, 2013


Re: Dead Men's Data.

Look, when we publish books and papers and blogs they are out in the wild and can live longer than we do. No problem.
After our death, our bank accounts are frozen and so our providers no longer get paid, whereupon they shut down our blogs, emails etc. Incidentally, that happens too when THEY go out of business [been there, had to cope with that. Twice :-( ]
Is that a real problem? Google may have ripped a copy, but the links will point to a non-existent account, so even the ripped copy will become obsolete. How does any of this differ from a non-maintained blog? (That said, Riverbend is online again after 10 years absence :-) )

When Maggie died - her blog contained some useful resources - some people paid to keep her blog online for a year during which others ripped code they found useful, copyright notwithstanding (oops).

I see it as a non-problem. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum on a google chest.

I thought that Hawking was the scientist that was discouraging us from trying to make contact with other entities. I must be confused. I think he's right, in that we are not prepared to take care of the earth as we should.

I wish all the service providers would think ahead to allow you to delete your old mail. I have a dreadful amount of junk out there. I try to delete things every day, but I'll never get it all done. Truth be told, there are more important things to do with my time. Let Google clean it out for me when I'm gone!

Buffy--I can't help you with what Hawking has been for/against over the years. My forgettery is too efficient at clearing out space for new trivia.

I don't know what all Hawking has said or even what all I've ever said. I tend to agree with him on Earthlings need to have the capability to inhabit another planet for our survival. I'm also inclined to think that's how we got to earth in the first place -- we've been polluting planets in the universe for eons and just moving from one to another.

I could go along with "Google Death Dashboard" terminology. Pushing one button to nuke any trace of my Internet polluting definitely is a choice I would like.

Joared--I'm thinking along the lines of DNA having survived a trip across space - with or without the being in which it had resided and which it had helped form.

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