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March 16, 2013


I would like to share 2 of my old book covers with you, but I don't know how to put photos in your comments.
So look here http:/www.savory.de/adamriese1.jpg which is my facsimile copy of Adam Riese's 1525 book on how to do arithmetic with arabic numerals (includes 2 chapters on fractions). Up until then Yurp had used roman numerals.

And look here http://www.savory.de/stus_blog_pix/oldbooks5.jpg which is an original 1861 algebra textbook which belonged to SWMBOs ancestors :-)

When my Mother passed away, my sisters came to help with the disposition of many of her things. I cleared off the ten foot table in the studio and we had three or four rows of hard backs on the table, and had to start a row of books along the base of the design wall. Everyone took what they wanted, and I took the rest to the library for their sale. I still have a few of these gems, including a very old music instruction book that needs to be rebound. My job this week has been to sort through boxes of papers. I'd MUCH rather be sorting through books. I was amazed at the lack of detail given in how to make an apron. Once you've done it, it's easy, but a beginner working without guidance might have been overwhelmed by this pamphlet. Of course, most women wore them, so they would have plenty of examples available. Do YOU wear an apron?? *G* (I do. I'm messy)

Buffy--Never do I wear an apron. Of course, my clothing suffers for my obduracy. As to the instructions for making an apron: "An apron 16 inches long and 24 inches wide is a good size for a completed apron for a girl of ten years." would be for a stout girl of 10!

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