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February 21, 2013


Love the pictures, especially the big spruce! I was pretty sure that you'd have about a foot of snow. We were tracking that storm, wondering what it would bring us. We got a paltry two inches, tops. I'm not really complaining, but we really could use the precipitation. I worry about the trees and shrubs going without enough water.

I hope you and HH are safe. Be cautious with the snow shoveling, ya hear!?

Buffy--Good to hear from you. HH cleared the area of the drive that he uses to back out of the garage; but, we have no intention of shoveling beyond that. (My car has all wheel drive which I can turn "off".) Our neighbors have nice, clean drives; but, we don't need to go anywhere and can't think of a good reason to do further shoveling. Besides: Our drive has at least twice the area of the drives that most of our neighbors have. One fellow has more area than we have; but, he has a snow blower. Our cars have full tanks and we have plenty of food, drink, and critter food. We are hunkered down! (I did go out to gather in the newspapers about an hour ago. We got yesterday's paper, today - a wise decision on the part of the woman who delivers our newspapers.

I think that, as you mention, the tree is a Colorado blue spruce. We had one in our back yard at the last house - that I had bought as a basket case. Eventually, it straightened up and became the beauty that we all knew it could become.

Good Lord. What a lot of snow! We have snow even here, as you may have seen on my blog.
Enjoy your cozy home and your goodies.

You guys got more snow than we have. Even though it has snowed almost 24 hours (and quite heavily at times), we have gotten only a couple inches. It is warm enough that it is melting a bit while it sits on the ground. When I go to shovel it later this morning, it will be like almost set concrete though - wicked heavy.

Hattie--Yes, I had read about your snow in your blog. We are, indeed, enjoying ourselves; although, snow ice cream is in the past.

Bogie--Well...the best laid plans....I had planned not to get out and about, so I did not worry about shoveling the snow as it fell. Now...as you say...it would be wicked heavy work to remove what is still there. And, now, it is predicted that we are to get about the same amount of snow in the next couple of days. BTW: When the neighbors shoveled their driveways, it was obvious that the concrete was still warmish - even though the sun was not yet shining. I measured in the back yard, yesterday afternoon, as I took food out to the feeders on the sawhorse in my little "meadow". The least remaining snow was next to the patio - 8.75". Downslope toward the sawhorse, the depth was 10.3". So...with meltage, sublimation, and compaction, we must have had at least 11" in some places (there wasn't much drifting, but even a little wind makes for uneven distribution.)

And...the orange vanilla made wonderful ice cream, too! (I did not try the cherry vanilla. Saving that for white cake!)

Well, I spoke too soon. We have gotten 10" of snow removed, and it started snowing again a little bit ago.

Glad you are enjoying the different vanillas!

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