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February 15, 2013


That is fascinating. It gets a little la-la land toward the end, but the basics are very good.

He omits the next step : taking diagnostic doctors out of the loop by having that smart phone access Watson-in-the-cloud.

See http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/148220-ibm-makes-watson-the-size-of-a-pizza-box-starts-offering-cloud-access-to-doctors


Hattie--Here in Kansas, we've had medical professionals treating people long-distance via the internet for some years. Sparsely populated areas have benefited greatly. Every other app is being miniaturized, so why not medical capabilities.

Stu--Thanks for the addition. In some ways, at least, Watson has outdone the medical professionals. Were that not so, MDs wouldn't likely consult Watson, of course.

BTW: I discovered three or four of your emails caught in my spam filter the other day. It (the filter) only gets checked every year or so because I forget that it's there.

One of the companies that I was really interested in working for (when I was unemployed), was a place that has developed machines that would sell for a couple hundred dollars that could do certain lab tests. Those tests would cost several hundred dollars (probably more) apiece if done outside the doctor's office. They were still in the process of getting FDA approval - but was along the same thought process (except this involved a pin-prick of blood).

I'm with you, the more that can be done at the first level, instead of elevating to a lab or hospital, is good.

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