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February 23, 2013


Great pictures! I somehow never realized (or have forgotten since I only had them one season) that the pine siskins have the yellowstreaks under the wing. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks, Bogie, I am getting better photos with my new camera; but, I'm thinking that I should have bought the CoolPix 510 with superzoom that Rain bought. She shows it off at this and that. I'm not sure why I took it out of consideration. Since learning of the dearth of lenses available for my J1, I may be forced to reconsider. Sometimes I learn the expensive way. The 510 is cheaper than the J1...let alone the J1 + the one auxiliary lens available for it (which is the one that I keep on the camera).

P.S. Roger Tory Peterson, in "A Field Guide to the Birds"*, wrote of the pine siskin under "Field marks", "A small dark, heavily streaked Finch with a flash of yellow in wing and tail."

* This book, copyrighted in 1934, 1939, and 1947, was the first bird book in my half-vast collection of books on birding. I no longer recall whether I bought it or whether it, more likely, was a gift from Elder Brother (as you well know, the real birder in the family) or my parents. I do, of course, recall that my first pair of binoculars (in the breakfast room, as I write) was my high school graduation gift from my parents. It overwhelmed me that they would spend the kind of money that they did on such an extravagant gift. (I believe they were about $49 - just one dollar less than my semester fees in college!)

Glad you are taking care of our feathered friends! I rescued a dove yesterday that flew onto our deck and could not figure out how to escape. My good deed for the day.

Good for you, Hattie!

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