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December 18, 2012


Careful! You have just raised the bar on the minimal quality of photos to be expected on a blog by quite a margin ;-)

Me? I play photo-limbo; ANY camera I have ever owned exceeded my abilities as a photographer considerably ;-)

Stu--It will be a while before anyone need fear that I will suddenly start posting better pictures. Too busy to learn how to use the new toy - for at least another month!
The last camera that I owned that did not exceed my abilities was a pin-hole camera!

I can attest that the camera did a good job with the color of that wall hanging, because I made the wall hanging! Cop Car, that's a great camera. I bet we'll see lots of beautiful pictures of flowers, birds, and fiber art! *G*

I'm so glad to see that little wall hanging is not boxed up and residing in the closet. *S*

What a great present CC....and it went to someone who appreciates good photography and will use it well. Love that wall hanging that Buffy made...gorgeous. ~Joy

Buffy--Your wall hanging is my throw. Your quilt looks so much better than the chair back! As the chair is only occupied (sometimes) when we have guests, and as we have guests only five or six times each year, the beautiful little quilt should have a long life with few washings required. I do enjoy looking at it while eating breakfast or lunch (the living room is separated from the breakfast room only by a stub wall). No way could the quilt end up in a closet, thank you!!!!

Joy--Glad to see you out and about! I agree about the greatness of the gifts (camera, recently, and quilt, previously) and the beauty of the quilt. Buffy is such a perfectionist that her work blows me away.

WS asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas. I had been wracking my brains and didn't come up with anything - so we are the same way. Most years I am clueless for WS' gift, but this year he happened to show it to me. He has no clue that I got it for him since he already bought himself an expensive gift this year - he doesn't think he is getting anything else. Most years he would be correct too.

I'm sure you will put that camera to good use and HH will enjoy his new smart phone!

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