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December 22, 2012


I only see two bottles of vanilla - there should be 4. So if you didn't find them, look in the box again! Those are 2 oz bottles by the way.

The apple pie fillings are from two different batches. I don't remember why they are different colors, but I remember that it made sense at the time. of course I don't measure anything, so one might have twice the spices of the other.

Thanks, Bogie! I had up-ended the box into another box to assure that I found "everything". I just now found the other two extracts in opposing corners of the box: rum vanilla and "plain" vanilla. Ooooo...I have made rum-flavored snow ice cream and it is wonderful. (The only flavors that I don't care for are chocolate and egg nog - of those I've tried, at least.)

Yep, I do envy you...homemade salsa, yum. And homemade apple pie filling....not too shabby either. Enjoy CC. ~Joy

Joy--Drop by. We'll share good food and good times. (Wish it were that simple. Blog friends are well scattered about the globe.)

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